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Love to Suck Cock

Elli Nude is back and you are going to love this one, we can assure you. When was the last time you guys saw your favorite girl Elli sucking off a dick? It’s been a while we know so you guys just have to check this one. The sexy redhead finally got a guy that wanted to be on camera with her, well sort off. It’s a POV scene and he’s the one shooting it, as you can see from the preview. But let’s not forget the important thing here, sexy Elli is finally down for some action. It’s always great to see a sexy redhead or a busty blonde sucking dicks and getting her pussy stuffed. Actually is always great to see a chick getting her mouth and pussy fucked.

You guys know that this doesn’t happen to often so let us tell you how it all started. The sexy redhead was seeing this guy and no matter how hard she tried Elli couldn’t convince him to make a sex tape. But she wasn’t doing it the right way. One day Elli had the great idea and told him that he didn’t have to be in the video. The guy liked the idea of shooting everything and that meant that his face wasn’t going to be in there so they went for it. In case you didn’t know Elli loves sucking cocks and she’s really good at it. If you don’t believe it you can see in the gallery below and there’s also a little video for you guys!

Love to Suck Cock

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